2 weeks later, VyStar’s online banking system was still locked down and excluding some customers

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – A trip to the VyStar branch in Fernandina Beach has been a regular occurrence for Ashlie Robinson since the company’s online banking system went down two weeks ago.

“I have to come to the bank every day,” Robinson said. “I work just down the street, but I live in Georgia so there’s no bank there, so now I have to drive. I can only come if I work.

Bob Riley also made the trip from Georgia.

“Usually I only have one thing to do and that’s my Visa statement,” Riley said. “Once a month I usually go online and settle the balance, set it to autopay.”

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The mobile banking issues occurred during a planned conversion to a new platform. VyStar has stated that all funds are secure. The bank is using local banking technology company Nymbus to launch the new platform by electing it as a digital banking partner months after investing $20 million in the business.

Long queues at the bank are just one of the problems for customers. “I have a business, there’s money coming in and going out all the time and I have no idea what’s going on,” said VyStar member Mike Mack.

“Unable to pay my bills. Unable to make transfers. Even today, even now that the website is back, we are still unable to do internal transfers,” Mack said.

Some lucky members were able to check their accounts online this week. “The first day it opened it went to about 30,000 and it took about 10 minutes, 10-20 minutes,” Robinson said.

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Mike Mack said he hadn’t had much luck: “It says he’s not available at the moment.”

“Hopefully it gets fixed soon so I don’t have to come to the bank every 5 minutes,” Robinson said.

VyStar’s CEO told News4JAX on Tuesday that he expects the bank to have a fully functional online and mobile banking system by next week. News4JAX reached out on Friday, but there were no further updates.

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