Better Business Bureau: Scammers Use Supply Chain Problems As New Way To Steal Your Money

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Many consumers have heard of the supply chain issues that could affect holiday gift items available next month and it looks like the scammers have, too.

“Fake websites pop up every year, so it’s nothing new, but it’s just easier to hook people up to them this year,” said Tom Stephens of the Better Business Bureau.

He says the scams are still aimed at getting your money, but in 2021 scammers are using the pandemic and advertising of supply chain issues to their advantage.

“Scammers always take advantage of whatever they can and it’s like a godsend to have all the supply chain issues we have and they can really hang on to it and get people to give it to them. their money when they wouldn’t do it normally, ”Stephens said.

He says to look for websites that promise you items that you have a hard time finding elsewhere. Stephens says if there are things that big retailers with large supply chains are having trouble getting, be careful, an online website you’ve never heard of claims to have it and for a cheaper price.

“So if you’ve been looking for something and nobody has it and you find someone who has it and it’s cheaper than anyone else, that’s a red flag”, Stephens said.

He says if you bite the hook, a scammer gets your credit card information and you won’t get anything.

“When you realize a week before Christmas that your item hasn’t arrived, you try to contact them and no one will answer the phone and no one will answer the email and the website is shut down,” Stephens said.

He also advises, when online, to be careful not to click on any shopping links you see on social media. He says if you find yourself on an unfamiliar website be sure to research the site and the company. If in doubt, do not provide any credit card or personal information.

As millions of consumers shop safely online, and many will do so this holiday, Stephens says remember that while the supply chain affects large retailers, don’t believe an argument that doesn’t affect one. online site you’ve never heard of. .

“It gives them a new wrinkle that they can take advantage of, so we’ll probably see more scams this year than in the past,” Stephens said.

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