Boost your online ordering performance with on-demand delivery

The pandemic has rapidly changed consumer expectations and preferences for food delivery. Customers now expect all types of restaurant cuisine to be delivered to them in minutes, not hours. Restaurant owners aim to meet these expectations, but sometimes lack the resources to offer delivery services seamlessly.

What can carriers do to meet delivery challenges, while maintaining control over key aspects of the customer experience? Carriers with their own website ordering tools or using third-party platforms, such as Clover, Toast, Square or OLO, can now access DoorDash’s global network of Dashers to offer on-demand delivery.

Join us to experience DoorDash’s on-demand delivery service through the eyes and insights of carriers who are successfully using it to meet their specific needs.

Participants will learn:

  • Why some operators have turned to DoorDash Drive and what they get out of it
  • The steps involved in adding on-demand delivery to your first-party or third-party online ordering platform, such as Clover
  • How to Add Delivery Using DoorDash or Clover Platforms
  • Some of the operational changes required when adding delivery as a service channel
  • Marketing moves that make sense and increase sales with new delivery capabilities
  • Cost and Pricing Considerations

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head-silhouette-png-16.pngAriana Meinz
Senior Manager, Drive

head-silhouette-png-16.pngSandeep Kowshik
Senior Product Manager