Cloud-based EVE Anywhere to enable EVE Online playback on web browsers

CCP Games has launched an alpha version for EVE Anywhere that will allow players to engage with all of EVE Online through browsers on any laptop or PC.

EVE Online has a huge player base, not to mention an ever-changing universe of business and economy to explore. CCP Games has been improving this spaceship-based MMO for years, but its latest improvement will allow virtually any PC or laptop with internet access to run the game. CCP has announced an alpha version of its new program cloud-based EVE Anywhere, which will allow players to experience the full breadth of EVE Online on your primary internet browser of choice.

CCP Games announced the EVE Anywhere alpha via a press release on May 19, 2022. Powered by Intel Cloud technology, EVE Anywhere will allow players to enjoy all that EVE Online has to offer without the need for a a decent PC or laptop to run it. All you need is just about any PC with an internet connection, and you’ll be able to play EVE Online through any major internet browser. Confirmed browsers available for EVE Anywhere include Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

CCP Games has announced an Alpha for EVE Anywhere that will allow players to check it out for up to 24 hours.
CCP Games has announced an Alpha for EVE Anywhere that will allow players to check it out for up to 24 hours.

As for when EVE Anywhere will be available, Alpha pilots can check that now. By spending 30 PLEX (the premium in-game currency for EVE Online), players can enjoy a 24-hour trial of EVE Anywhere. The full rollout of EVE Anywhere will take place on a regional basis starting later in 2022. More details on the program enhancement and rollout are expected to emerge in the coming months, as promised by CCP.

The EVE Anywhere announcement is huge, even after CCP just announced a roadmap for EVE Online that included expansion plans and Microsoft Excel integration. The ability to access EVE Online from virtually any PC with an internet connection is a great way to allow EVE fans to play just about…well…anywhere. Stay tuned as we await further updates, such as a final EVE Anywhere release date.

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