Excellence Janitorial Cleaning Company in Pennsylvania updates its website with a new look

Excellence Janitorial Services, a commercial janitorial cleaning company in Kingston, Pennsylvania, is pleased to announce that it has updated its website with a new look. The site now features a fun explainer video that helps customers understand what these cleaning contractors do and the many different services they offer, including warehouse cleaning, office cleaning, restaurant cooking, cleaning business, etc. Fully registered to work and operate in the state of Pennsylvania, these contractors are also fully insured for general liability and workers’ compensation. Clients can hire these professionals with confidence.

Excellence Conciergerie offers services with flexible hours. Whether it’s a one-time cleaning or routine cleaning, daily cleaning or cleaning two or three times a week, cleaning contractors are available as and when their services are needed. are necessary. The company is proud of its employees who strive to deliver quality work and always exceed their customers’ expectations. In addition, they respect the budgetary needs of their clients. All it takes is a phone call or the online inquiry form to schedule a visit. A free estimate is also provided to help clients understand the nature and extent of the work within their budget.

Excellent concierge service

EJS as a company understands how important it is to create that best first impression. And for any office, commercial or corporate setup, their office says a lot about the work they do, their culture and the people. A clean and well-maintained place not only attracts new visitors and customers, but also keeps employees healthy and happy. This leading Pennsylvania cleaning company helps businesses create that first and everlasting impression with their cleaning services. They also offer periodic maintenance services for large establishments and corporate buildings.

With the pandemic continuing to do the rounds, it is very important for businesses to gain the trust of their employees and customers that their area of ​​operations is clean and safe to work in. EJS offers a cleaning plan that meets the needs of the workplace, especially with offices working continuous shifts. From vacuuming to dusting and mopping to disinfecting, watering plants to taking out the trash, these services can be totally customized to the needs of the office. Their warehouse cleaning services deserve a special mention here. With workplace safety in mind, these services are designed to keep floors, storage areas and other high traffic areas clear, safe and clean. Cleaning contractors also offer customized programs based on warehouse size and specific needs.

To learn more, visit https://excellencejanitorialservices.com/

About Excellence Concierge Services

Excellence Janitorial Services is a family owned cleaning business located in Kingston, PA. The company offers cleaning services for offices, corporate offices, warehouses, restaurant kitchens, post construction cleaning, floor cleaning and carpet extraction. Since the company was founded in 2014 by Amado Carias, they have built strong relationships with major corporate and commercial establishments.


Excellent concierge service

Address: 210 Division Street, Kingston, Pennsylvania 18704

Phone: +1-800-851-0806

Website: https://excellencejanitorialservices.com/

Excellent Concierge Services

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