Loan application with immediate result

Lender bank, which is preferred due to its advantages and attractive payment options for people who are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry especially in rural areas, is also frequently receiving applications for its housing loan product recently. With thousands of people submitting loan applications every day, Lender bank also made it possible for consumers to inquire about the application status as required by their right to information. In this context, consumers who can learn the status of their loan application can struggle to gather the necessary documents in order not to waste time.

Consumers who want to question the status of the loan application would make the process with the form number or reference number delivered to them after the application even faster, but there is always the possibility to query.

When to Apply for a Loan

When to Apply for a Loan

When the loan application submitted to Lender bank will end, it is about where the application was transmitted and which loan was requested.

For example, consumers who participate in a loan campaign with instant allocation and apply for a loan through the internet or mobile branch can learn the result of their application within 5 minutes.

Consumers who apply for credit by SMS can learn the result of their application in a very short time, as this application will be in the pre-approval status.

Consumers who apply for a loan through the call center can learn about the result of a loan application in a very short period of time, just like making a request with a pre-approval status like a loan application made via SMS.

Loan applications made through the branch service channel are answered within 1-3 days due to the normal application and credit allocation at the next stage. Most of the time, the results are obtained on the same day, but depending on the amount of loan demand and the risk profile of the consumer, the process can be extended. The bank has no time commitment.

How to Ask an Application

How to Ask an Application

Lender bank requests that the call center be called to inquire about the submitted loan application. Information can also be obtained through Lender bank branches, but it will be more useful to call the call center since nothing can be accessed through the information to be obtained through the call center.

Consumers calling the call center can connect to the customer representative via the credit information line to find out what the loan application is like.

Consumers wishing to obtain information from Lender bank branches will need to have their identity card with them.

What Will Happen After Application?

What Will Happen After Application?

Consumers who submit applications for consumer loans can allocate their loans to the deposit account they have previously opened without going to the branch in case the credit assessment is answered positively.

For products that need to be assessed as required by the legislation, such as housing and vehicle loans, the next step will be taken and the consumer will be contacted regarding how much of the goods can be credited after the appraisal review.

Can it be returned?

It is possible to return every loan regardless of the amount and maturity it has been allocated. However, consumers who want to avoid damages should be able to return the loan without using it within 14 days after the loan allocation, in accordance with the right of withdrawal. Consumers who do not use the loan within 14 days can take advantage of the right of withdrawal and return the loan to the bank without paying interest, commission or penalty.

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