Pune ZTCC Launches Online Organ Donation Pledge Form

Pune’s Zone Transplant Coordinating Committee (ZTCC) has launched an online organ donation pledge form to reach people during the pandemic and raise awareness about organ donation. “Just scan the QR code and promise organs. Be a hero, be an organ donor, ”said Aarti Gokhale, central coordinator, ZTCC, Pune.

There are four ZTCCs in Maharashtra – Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur and Aurangabad.

“In the first wave of last year, we were able to recruit 41 brain-dead patients as organ donors, whereas this year there were only 13 organ donors. Due to the pandemic and the lockdown-like restrictions that followed, our teams were unable to physically visit organizations and educational institutions to provide forms and ask citizens to inquire about their willingness to donate. organs, ”Gokhale said.

ZTT has up to 1,600 patients who need a kidney, 600 who need a liver transplant, 50 for the heart, and 75 patients who need two organs (multi-organ) on their waiting list.

From January 1 to June 21 of this year, there were 13 deceased donors and a total of 33 organs could be removed. However, only 13 kidneys and livers each could be transplanted, Gokhale said. While two hearts were sent from Pune to Hyderabad and Mumbai. From January to December 2020, 41 patients were identified as donors of brain death. A total of 48 organs were removed last year.

“There are a large number of people who die from non-functioning organs. According to data from the Union’s Health Ministry, around five Lakh people die each year due to the unavailability of organs, with authorities arguing for the intensification of the organ donation program. We need to raise awareness of organ donation more and encourage as many people as possible to scan the QR code and fill out the pledge form, Gokhale said. The donor card can also be accessed directly by logging into the ZTCC website, ”she added.

‘Gulmohar’ a 13-minute organ donation awareness film

ZTCC will also try to reach people and bridge the gap through their new movie ‘Gumohar’. The film revolves around the theme: “Donate an organ, save your life” and will soon be released at various national and international film festivals.

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