What a woman earns and spends.

Daily total: $0.


I take some time to wake up and then consider doing yoga or taking a walk for coffee. I find myself for a moment on my phone browsing a few fashion sites.

I see an influencer on Instagram wearing a padded vest and I thought, “I could use one.” I find it on & Other Stories and feel the urge to hit the add to cart button. I check my account and even though I have the money for it, I try to resist. I’m adding it to my wishlist instead.

The pay day is less than 15 days away; so if I still want it by then I can buy it. I go through the wishlist again and delete anything I’m no longer in love with.

My optometrist appointment is approaching, I get ready for the day and decide to take the light rail ($1.56) to the local mall. The stop is a few minutes from the shops so I can walk around too.

As I walk towards the mall, I pass a few cafes. I have a little time so I order a coffee and spinach roll ($11.50). This cafe used to make amazing olive focaccia, but it’s no longer on the menu. I’m a little disappointed, but the coffee was good!

I arrive at the mall and I have time to kill. I make my way through H&M, Sephora and Mecca to see what new products they have. This is a good test of my self-discipline, I thought to myself. I start to feel overwhelmed and head for the third floor. I knew I wanted to buy another batch of Melbourne Breakfast tea from T2 so I had already mentally accounted for it ($25). With that, it’s time to go to my appointment.

The appointment is closed. Since I got medicare, the checkup ended up being free, which is great! I decided it was time to go home. Once I am out of the center the weather is perfect for a walk. I make my way through the downtown streets to the Glebe foreshore. I live pretty close and it’s about a four kilometer walk from my house, so at least I’m saving on transportation costs.

The sun is still out, so it’s a good day to wash cars. Since we live in a quiet residential area, we can wash them on the street (and save money since we don’t have to go to the car wash). I make a cup of the recently purchased Melbourne Breakfast tea, crank on some music and we get to work.

We spend the rest of the afternoon doing small chores around the house. I’m a little hungry and I search the fridge for some ideas. I am going to make a breakfast for my late lunch using scrambled eggs, cheese, ham, onion and topped with Sriracha in a wrap. I make myself comfortable on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.

I check my account and an Afterpay refund arrived, a concert we were supposed to attend in August 2021 was finally canceled after being postponed during the COVID shutdowns (+$103.30). This goes directly to the credit card.