Independents outrank incumbent representatives for online interest

An analysis of web traffic from April revealed independent candidates of voters in Kooyong, Wentworth, Goldstein, North Sydney and Mackellar received more visits to their websites than incumbent MPs.

Data evaluated by Similarweb saw an ‘increase’ in website visitors last month across freelance sites operating in Wentworth, Goldstein, North Sydney and Mackellar.

The result at Kooyong, formerly held by Sir Robert Menzies, was closer. As of April 23, independent candidate Dr Monique Ryan was still up more than 3,600 additional online visitors for incumbent Josh Frydenberg.

According to the latest reports from Australian, poll numbers indicate Frydenberg would lose his blue-ribbon Victorian seat if an election were held today.

Inside former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s former Wentworth headquarters in Sydney, Independent Allegra ExpenseThe website had received more than 28,500 hits, compared to incumbent Liberal politician Dave Sharma’s 9,300 hits.

The websites of Liberals Tim Wilson and Trent Zimmerman in Goldstein and North Sydney also underperformed, registering around 5,000 fewer visits than their independent competitors. Zoe Daniel and Kylea Tink.

The April web traffic statistics trend showed freelancers outperforming incumbents overall, Similarweb said.

“In April, Allegra Spender’s website received more than three times the traffic of her opponent, David Sharma (28,636 vs. 9,367),” said the web traffic company noted in a press release.

“Kooyong was much closer, with Monique Ryan attracting only a few thousand more visits than Josh Frydenberg in April (37,288 vs. 33,670).”

To understand a longer-term trend, Similarweb also analyzed six months of web traffic from October 2021 to March 2022. Frydenberg’s click-through rate improved on this analysis, but that was the only difference.

“During this period, Josh Frydenberg received slightly more traffic than Monique Ryan (19,146 vs. 17,800),” Similarweb said.

“Otherwise, the independents occupying each seat attracted more traffic than the incumbents.”


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